In Washington, research shows central and eastern dry forests are vulnerable to wildfire, including mature and old-growth forests. A century of fire suppression combined with the effects of climate change, are increasing the frequency and intensity of wildfires, even jeopardizing the species that depend on fire like Ponderosa Pine. Forest management including thinning and prescribed burns, can make a difference. These treatments remove small and dead vegetation, reducing the risk of extreme wildfire that results in carbon-loss and threatens communities. 

TNC’s Central Cascades Forest is a prime example of how thinning and prescribed burns are improving forest health, reducing carbon-loss and wildfire risk for the nearby communities. The Nature Conservancy, Washington Department of Natural Resources, and our partners are focused on swift and proactive ecological forest management in Washington state that ensures communities do not need to choose between climate- and wildfire-mitigation goals – they can achieve both.   

This week, the Biden Administration is hosting a Mature and Old-growth Forest summit, bringing together forest and fire experts from across the country to discuss forest management that benefits people and nature.  

Learn more by watching the video below. 


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