Eberjey pajamas

The other day, our sitter arrived when I was still wearing pajamas. “Do you wear pajama sets every night?” she asked me, and when I said pretty much, she said, “I think that will be my next phase in my thirties — pajamas sets.” Haha, always happy to lead the way! Eberjey has so many cute styles, and right now I’m especially into their green shades and these lovely white ribbed ones.

Our friends hosted a pie night for International Pi Day, and the standout was a very cinnamon-y, nutmeg-y, crumbly apple pie. Now I want to make this recipe with the boys. What desserts are you into these days?

My celebrity bff Sharon Horgan challenged the Bad Sisters cast to see who was the most Irish. So funny. (Reminds me of this!)

Lastly, I love this: In her newsletter today, Jenny Rosenstrach wrote about how the term “empty nest” connotes “only bereftness, instead of what this phase of life can potentially be, including an adventure and a celebration,” and that Gretchen Rubin suggests that the metaphor should instead be “Open Door.” Yes, please.

P.S. Cup of Jo’s ultimate TV guide, and what are your signature recipes?

(Dining table photo by Nana Hagel for this Danish house tour.)

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