Astro’s Playroom on PS5 has received a new update and new trophies.

The tech demo, which is included with every PS5 console, is set to be succeeded by Astro Bot, a fully-fledged platformer set for release on September 6.

To prepare for Astro Bot’s release, Astro’s Playroom has been given extra content, as spotted on ResetEra.

Players who update the game and boot it up will get a new message which reads: “A mysterious new portal has appeared in the center of the PS LABO. Could this be related to Astro’s new big adventure?

“A new collection of gatchas have also been added. Time to go spend those extra coins!”

The update also comes with five new trophies, which relate to Special Bots which have appeared in each of the game’s four main areas.

Players will get a bronze trophy for rescuing each of the Special Bots, as well as a silver trophy once all four are rescued.

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Like Astro’s Playroom, Astro Bot will be a 3D platformer full of references to previous PlayStation games and hardware.

Sony says the game will be “a standalone, full-sized adventure that offers over four times more worlds, 300 bots to rescue and dozens of new powers and features to discover”.

It will also have no in-game purchases or microtransactions, with Sony saying that “each planet already has plenty of coins to find and spend in the Gatcha Lab”.