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Tiger Woods credited his mother, Kultida, as his hero while accepting the USGA’s Bob Jones Award earlier this week. Upon receiving the award on Tuesday, June 11, the 48-year-old golfer paid tribute to his 80-year-old “mommy.” He was also accompanied by his two kids, son Charlie and daughter Sam, whom he shares with ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

“My mom doesn’t get enough credit,” Tiger acknowledged before rehashing his career journey. “They all thought that it was me and dad on the road, which it was, but mom was at home. If you don’t know, mom has been there my entire life, she’s always been there through thick and thin.”

After noting that he accepted the Bob Jones Award “in humbleness,” Tiger added that he was also accepting “for [his] mommy too.”

“She allowed me to get here, she allowed me to do these things, chase my dreams,” the PGA star continued. “I didn’t do this alone, I had the greatest rock that any child could possibly have – my mom. Thank you, mommy.”

The mother and son shared a sweet embrace when he returned to his family’s table.

Per the USGA, the World Golf Hall of Fame member was given the “highest honor” because of his “commitment to sportsmanship and respect for golf’s time-honored traditions.” The association also noted that Tiger has “redefined the game of golf in the modern era, overcoming physical and personal challenges by displaying the characteristics of tenacity, mental strength and perseverance.”

This wasn’t the first time that Tiger has praised his parents, Kultida and Earl, who died in May 2006 after a battle with prostate cancer. At the 2022 Hall of Fame induction ceremony, the athlete reflected on the “tough decision” that his mom and dad made to support his rising golf career.

“My family made a tough decision, and at the age of 14 and a half, we took out a second mortgage so I could go out and play the AJGA Tour,” Tiger explained at the time, according to the PGA Tour. “Mom stayed at home. Dad traveled. And I went out and played the AJGA Tour on our second mortgage. … So, without the sacrifices of Mom who took me to all those junior golf tournaments, and Dad, who’s not here, but who instilled in me this work ethic to fight for what I believe in, chase after my dreams, nothing’s ever going to be given to you, everything’s going to be earned.”

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