25. Berkley certainly got the raw deal in the equation. Not only was she only paid $100,000 for Showgirls, but she was dropped by her agent after the release, with others refusing to take her calls. She was awarded not one, but two Razzies—for Worst Actress and Worst New Star. No new roles were ever offered her way. And when the 10th anniversary box set was being put together after a decade of bonkers home video business, her request for $2,500 to sit for an interview was denied. On the film’s 20th anniversary, however, she attended a screening at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where she admitted she’d finally come to terms with the whole experience. 

“When a dream is happening, it’s unlike anything you can ever imagine. Which is why when the movie came out it was more painful than anything you can imagine,” she told the crowd. “1995 was such a different time, where taking risks like that were not embraced. They were laughed at, they were shamed, publicly. To be a young girl in the center of that was something that was quite difficult. But I found my own resiliency and my power and my confidence…Tonight I want to thank you guys for giving me this gift of truly getting a full-circle moment of experiencing the joy with you.”


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