Content warning: This story discusses child abuse.

More details continue to emerge about life with Ruby Franke.

The Washington County Attorney’s Office in Utah recently released an interview with Kevin Frankethe influencer’s estranged husband—conducted after her arrest on child abuse charges in August. While speaking to authorities, Kevin detailed how Ruby expected him to behave while the pair, then separated, were living under the same roof at the end of 2021 and into 2022.

He said it was during this time that Ruby’s business partner Jodi Hildebrandt—who was also arrested for child abuse—had moved in with them. 

“There were all these rules now placed on me, like I can leave when I want but I couldn’t come back until Ruby gave me permission,” Kevin explained to authorities. “I couldn’t come into the kitchen to eat until Ruby gave me permission and the upstairs where Jodi was was completely offline. I couldn’t go upstairs anymore in my own house. And Ruby would dictate all of the terms of how our interactions would be, when we would talk. And that was hard.”

He continued, “And it was during that time that I really became, I would say, dependent upon Ruby. Like if she said a kind word to me like my whole day was made.”

E! News has previously reached out to Kevin, Ruby and Jodi’s lawyers for comment regarding his interview, but has not heard back. 

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