A unique tree-climbing fox is on the decline in the Midwest. Researchers want to know why Harvest Public Media

How do cicadas mix with pets? Experts have answers as 17-year cicada season nears CBS News

AT&T says personal data from 73 million accounts leaked on dark web Business Standard

Newly discovered Super-Earth has a permanent dark side just like the Moon ZME Science


The Worst Climate Disaster You Haven’t Heard Of Just Got More Deadly HuffPost

The Great Plains now have ‘wildfire years,’ not seasons, as blazes start and spread earlier Harvest Public Media


Iowa official finds dead fish in 50 miles of fertilizer-contaminated river Des Moines Register (LS). March 18, but still germane.

Cattle are drinking the Colorado River dry High Country News

Avian influenza spreads to dairy herds in Michigan and Idaho, expert ‘wouldn’t be surprised if there are infections in cows in Europe too’ Fortune


MICHAEL MOSLEY: The test that reveals Covid has made us more stupid… and what you can do about it Daily Mail (LS). The study Mosley cites was already linked to in 2/29 Water Cooler, but interesting to see it getting more mainstream coverage.

Clearing the Air Texas Observer


Amid Geopolitical Concerns, US Capital Flows From China to Japan The Diplomat

Japan’s fighter-sales plan ‘betrays pacifist tradition’ – Asian Media Report Pearls and Irritations

US, Japan, Philippines plan joint South China Sea naval patrols POLITICO


Why did US diplomat say Scarborough Shoal belonged to the Philippines? South China Morning Post

Taiwan races to catch up with mainland China’s military drone capabilities South China Morning Post.

Taiwan Navy Chief to strengthen US ties amid China threats TVBS

Preparing for a China war, the Marines are retooling how they’ll fight WaPo

China warns citizens of potential interrogations and harassment in US Times of India


Asia’s terrorism surge: from Pakistan to Russia, Isis-K awakens sleeper cells – as Chinese interests come under fire South China Morning Post

Chinese companies suspend work on Dasu, Diamer-Bhasha dams in Pakistan after suicide attack India Narrative


UK government lawyers say Israel is breaking international law, claims top Tory in leaked recording Guardian

9,000 patients ‘need emergency evacuation’ from Gaza, WHO says, as number of functioning hospitals reduces The New Arab

‘Wrong on every level’: Biden administration accused of hypocrisy over Israel weapons transfer The New Arab

Clashes, road blockages at mass protests demanding hostage deal, elections Times of Israel


Four wounded as Israeli strike hits car with UN observers near south Lebanon border; military denies Indian Express

While diplomatic efforts go on, IDF is bracing for short but devastating war in Lebanon Times of Israel

Hiding the ‘ratio’: Israel conceals 200+ troop deaths on Lebanon front The Cradle

Dispute Over Conscription for Ultra-Orthodox Jews Presents New Threat to Netanyahu New York Times


Land Day: Palestinians mark 48th anniversary amid war, death and land theft Middle East Eye

Like the establishment of Israel, the ‘Red Heifer’ is yet another forced prophecy Middle East Monitor

European Disunion

Norway is hoarding eggs from its neighbours in Sweden The Independent

Russian influence scandal rocks EU POLITICO EU vs. European Officials Weaponize Intelligence Services To Censor Political Enemies PUBLIC

New Not-So-Cold War

Zelenskyy fires more aides in a reshuffle as Russia launches drones and missiles across Ukraine AP

We requested more air defence systems and missiles from partners – Zelenskyy on Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy facilities Ukrainska Pravda

Funding shortage persists for Czech initiative on ammunition purchase for Ukraine – Estonian Defence Ministry Ukrainska Pravda

Turkey to Support U.S. Efforts to Expand Artillery Supplies to Ukraine and Israel: F-35s On Offer to Ankara Military Watch


Money Transfers Proof That Crocus ‘Terrorists For Hire’ Followed Orders From Ukraine Sputnik

NATO’s Proxy War Against Russia Was Always in Essence Terrorism Strategic Culture



Serving a Lost Gamble Tarik Cyril Amar

Russia Is Making Its Own Gaming Consoles Game Rant

Old Blighty

The suicide of Wales Unherd

South of the Border

Peru President Dina Boluarte’s home raided in luxury watch investigation Al Jazeera

Biden Administration

Scoop: National Archives gives new tranche of Biden emails to House GOP Axios

GOP Clown Car

Michigan Republican congressman suggests nuking Gaza, ending humanitarian aid Detroit News


Egg prices are hopping again this Easter. Is dyeing eggs worth the cost? USA Today

The Supremes

Two retracted studies at the Supreme Court this week Your Local Epidemiologist


NYC will test AI gun detectors on the subway The Verge

Shareholders Sue AI Weapon-Detecting Company, Allege It ‘Does Not Reliably Detect Knives or Guns’ 404

This four-legged robot learned parkour to better navigate obstacles Ars Technica

Baltimore’s Key Bridge Collapse

High Pressure Gas Pipeline Halts Salvage of MV Dali gCaptain

Bridge warning systems have been recommended for decades. The Key Bridge didn’t have one. POLITICO

A Remedy for Ship Accidents: Tug Escorts Maritime Executive

Police State Watch

After Reforms to Solitary Confinement, Massachusetts Prisoners Say Officials Just Renamed It Bolts


Texas woman charged with murder for self-induced abortion sues Starr County district attorney Texas Tribune

Groves of Academe

University Leadership Suggest Using AI to Replace Striking Grad Students Futurism

Book Nook

The state of capitalism Michael Robert’s Blog

Our Famously Free Press

The Murthy Arguments Went So Poorly For The States That The FBI Feels Comfortable Talking To Social Media Companies Again Tech Dirt

Social Media, Authoritarianism, and the World as It Is Meredith Whittaker, Law and Political Economy Project

Class Warfare

What Is the Relationship Between Homelessness and the Law? Law and Political Economy Project

What if we never live on Mars? Disconnect

Zeitgeist Watch

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