Carolina Chambers, Philanthropy Campaign Administrator at TNC Washington shares her experiences as a woman in conservation in a recorded interview.

Her story is one of many at TNC Washington that illustrate the complex terrain women in conservation navigate, but it’s important to note her story is not representative of all. Beyond Women’s History Month 2024, TNC Washington will continue to explore a diversity of voices in our organization, learning how women and femmes experience the intersection of thier identity and work. As Robyn James, Director of Gender and Equity, TNC Asia Pacific guides, “We should make sure our own teams reflect the diversity we seek. That way, we not only lead by example, but we strengthen our own organization with diverse voices, skills and styles of leadership. Equally important, we must make sure we don’t see women as a monolithic group. Women from different cultures and parts of the world have different needs and face different challenges.”  

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