A collage of black and white newspaper pages

Image: Molleindustria

The goal of The New York Times Simulator, a new, free game, is simple: keep readers happy and don’t get shut down. It’s a problem any modern media outlet knows well. But this new game doesn’t just make you any old journalist struggling to make a living in today’s fraught media landscape. No, it puts you in the shoes of the paper of record’s editor-in-chief. It’s a game about navigating the mission of publishing “all the news that’s fit to print” when your key demographic may not want to hear that news, or may want it softened or ideologically slanted for their comfort. It’s a radical work of games as satire that shines a light on the power of editorial angle and influence, illuminating just how important word choice can be in influencing public perception. – Willa Rowe Read More

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