We Used to Think Everybody Heard a Voice Inside Their Heads – But We Were Wrong Science Alert

The Closing of the Internet Mind Zero Sum

Modular mobile ASTRA Bridge lets highway traffic fly over roadwork New Atlas

Notice Of Absence – Update: Change of Plans Moon of Alabama. To a speedy recovery.


The Largest Ice Shelf in Antarctica Is Behaving Oddly SciTech Daily

Metal mobilization from thawing permafrost to aquatic ecosystems is driving rusting of Arctic streams Communications: Earth & Environment

Sinking Town Granta ‘The reality of state capitalism is that it spreads devastation and calls it development.’


Indonesia increases vigilance following spike in Covid-19 cases in Singapore The Star

Patients who went to hospital for one thing, then died of Covid will never be known according to SA Health as records were never kept The Advertiser

Another pandemic is ‘absolutely inevitable’, says Patrick Vallance The Guardian. Commentary:

Bird flu detected in beef tissue for first time, USDA says, but beef is safe to eat AP


Biden courts Kenya for regional politics, and Haiti intervention Responsible Statecraft


China property: ‘underwhelming’ stimulus to fall short of refloating market amid sunken buyer confidence, analysts say South China Morning Post


US, China defence chiefs to meet following Taiwan tension Channel News Asia

The US defense secretary will visit Cambodia, one of China’s closest allies, after regional talks AP


After Mossad chief’s trip, Israeli official says hostage talks to resume next week The Times of Israel

Hamas denies Israeli reports of resumption of talks Tuesday: Exclusive Al Mayadeen

A Society So Indifferent to Death and Destruction Has Already Lost the War Haaretz


Hamas armed wing says its fighters have killed, captured Israeli soldiers in Gaza Middle East Eye. Commentary:


‘No personnel will enter Gaza,’ says US after four vessels run aground Al Mayadeen


Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman accepts invitation to Iran bne Intellinews

European Disunion

Europe still unsure over US plan on Russian assets to pay for Ukraine Politico EU

Hungary slows down EU arms initiative for Ukraine funded by frozen Russian assets – the FT Ukrayinska Pravda

Germany’s authoritarian turn Unherd

New Not-So-Cold War

Ukraine attacked key element of Russia’s nuclear umbrella — Russian senator RT

Strike On Russian Strategic Early Warning Radar Site Is A Big Deal The War Zone

Russia strikes crowded Kharkiv DIY store in deadly attack Euronews


French Press Leaks Footage of Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Military Units Training in France: Controversy Surrounding Azov Units Rises Military Watch

Mainstream media IGNORING Boris Johnson hosting Ukraine neo-Nazi unit in parliament The Canary


WION, Indian global broadcaster, discusses Putin’s latest proposal for a ceasefire Gilbert Doctorow

Ukraine Starts Freeing Some Prisoners to Join Its Military New York Times

Russo-Ukrainian War: Widening the Front Big Serge Thought

Betting on Armageddon Tarik Cyril Amar, The Ninth Wave

Stop The Bullshit Matt Taibbi, Racket News

Old Blighty

Sunak promises to bring back national service for 18-year-olds The Guardian

South of the Border

This Instagram star might soon be mayor of one of Mexico’s wealthiest cities Rest of World

Groves of Academe

Manchester University is now OCCUPIED by students in latest escalation over Israel’s genocide in Gaza The Canary


Hunter Biden’s laptop was denied, disparaged, censored — now it’s evidence of a crime New York Post


Trump promises Libertarians a cabinet slot — and to free a notorious drug kingpin SEMAFOR


Clinton says women abandoned her because she wasn’t ‘perfect’ The Hill


Here Come the Russians, Again Mother Jones

Realignment and Legitimacy



‘It’s so complicated:’ Boeing Starliner teams diagnosing helium leak ahead of June 1 astronaut launch Space.com

China’s Comac poised to rise on Boeing’s downfall Asia Times


Activision and Meta sued by families of Uvalde school shooting victims The Verge


What the Toxic Morality of Crowdfunded Healthcare Says About American Society Literary Hub

Americans Are Paying Billions to Take Drugs That Don’t Work Mad in America

More Newborns are Being Diagnosed With Syphilis as Adult Cases Continue Dramatic Rise Science-Based Medicine

The Jackpot

Dual impact of extreme heat and Covid-19 had ‘deadly consequences’ for UK Carbon Brief

Our Famously Free Press

This Hedge Fund Wants to Save Investigative Journalism — By Using It to Game the Market Politico

Sports Desk

Meet the Private Equity Firm Squeezing America for Baseball Stadium Subsidies Boondoggle

Private Equity is Ruining My Weekends Discourse Blog

The Bezzle

Feds add nine more incidents to Waymo robotaxi investigation TechCrunch

Guillotine Watch

Entering the ‘amenities arms race’ at luxury apartments: IV drips and Botox without having to leave your home Fortune

Class Warfare

The first national calculation of mortality of the US homeless population Centre for Economic Policy Research

Accusing Mercedes of ‘Wanton Lawlessness,’ UAW Seeks New Alabama Vote Common Dreams

A New Leaf Atmos

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