Influencer Marketing Hub sets itself apart from conventional review platforms through the involvement of Digital Marketing experts such as Werner Geyser, Djanan Kasumovic, Camille Kennedy, Dave Eagle, and other notable industry figures. This expert team brings a profound understanding of the Digital Marketing landscape, assessing tools and platforms with an insider’s perspective on capabilities, experience, and industry acumen. Unlike user-generated review platforms, Influencer Marketing Hub’s evaluations are rooted in extensive firsthand experience and direct interactions with the tools and platforms in question. This ensures that the reviews are not only trustworthy but also deeply informed. High-caliber brands like SmartSites, Directive Consulting, and Disruptive Advertising undergo rigorous monthly evaluations, highlighting the platform’s commitment to identifying and showcasing top-tier solutions in Digital Marketing and beyond.

Influencer Marketing Hub employs an expert-driven methodology to evaluate Digital Marketing agencies, ensuring that our recommendations are both reliable and comprehensive. This approach is designed to help businesses and individuals find the best agencies to meet their specific Digital Marketing needs. Here’s how we assess the various agencies like SmartSites, Directive Consulting, and Disruptive Advertising:

Strategic Analysis of Agency Capabilities: We start by examining each Digital Marketing agency’s core competencies, such as SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media strategy. Our focus is on identifying Digital Marketing that not only offer a wide range of services but also demonstrate exceptional skill in executing high-impact Digital Marketing campaigns.

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, marketing is strenuous. The challenge increases when marketing an intangible product without any physical presence. SaaS or Software-as-a-Service is a growing segment with numerous applications in various industries like retail, real estate, healthcare, etc. As the playing field becomes increasingly crowded, the need to stand out and reach your target audience becomes even more critical. Working with the best B2B SaaS marketing agencies will ensure you remain on top.

The Best B2B SaaS Marketing Agencies for 2024

B2B SaaS marketing agencies are not the same. There are different agencies with different specializations and expertise. Some agencies have been around for a while, while others have recently started but have already demonstrated extraordinary promise. Our compilation of the best B2B SaaS marketing agencies will help you find the right marketing agency for your SaaS marketing strategy needs.


saas marketing agencies



Location: Paramus, New Jersey | Founded: 2011 | Specialty: Full-Service Digital Marketing

Key SaaS Services: website design and development, PPC (paid search and social advertising), SEO optimization, email and SMS marketing, social media management

Notable Clients: Agile Data Sites, Anexio, Flight Courtier

SmartSites is a full-service digital marketing agency based in New Jersey. The companya Google Premier Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner—has been recognized as a seven-time Inc5000 fastest-growing company.

While SmartSites offers a range of digital marketing services, they are particularly well-suited for SaaS companies looking to scale their online presence through targeted paid advertising, effective SEO strategies, and expertly crafted websites.

With over 1,000 positive reviews online, SmartSites is a reputable and reliable digital marketing agency. Their expertise in various advertising channels such as Amazon, Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, and X (formerly Twitter) allows them to create targeted and effective campaigns for businesses of all sizes. For example, when Classic Audi, a family-owned dealership in Westchester, New York, sought to boost car sales, they turned to SmartSites for an SEO and PPC campaign overhaul. Despite challenges like strict content approval processes and frequent updates to deals and promotions, SmartSites’ strategy included an SEO audit, creation of direction and car comparison pages, and data-driven PPC campaigns. The outcome was impressive — a 312% increase in paid clicks and an 84% decrease in cost-per-click (CPC).

Whether you need to increase website traffic, acquire more customers, or sell more products, SmartSites can help you achieve your goals. With its proven track record and diverse portfolio, the agency is a trusted partner you can rely on to grow and succeed in the digital landscape.

Directive ConsultingDirective Consulting

Location: Irvine, California | Founded: 2014 | Specialty: Performance Marketing 

Key SaaS Services: PPC management (including paid search and social advertising), content and SEO, lifecycle marketing, creative (including video), go-to-market (GTM) strategy

Notable Clients: WordPress, Sumo Logic, Seagate Technology, OneSpan

Directive Consulting is a premier B2B SaaS marketing agency that specializes in performance marketing, with a unique focus on customer-led strategies. It understands that the key to both immediate and long-term success lies in putting the customer first, and this principle underpins all its marketing efforts for SaaS clients. The agency’s expertise lies in driving growth in organic traffic, generating qualified leads, and building a robust pipeline for their its clients.

Directive Consulting offers end-to-end marketing optimization, from planning and budgeting to execution and analysis. It uses financial modeling to ensure you reach your revenue goals. Also, its tech marketing experts specialize in what they call “Customer Generation” to ensure your brand’s buyer profile dictates your content strategy

In a successful collaboration with OneSpan, a leading cybersecurity technology firm, Directive Cunsulting’s targeted and region-specific strategies led to a remarkable 69% increase in SQLs quarter-over-quarter. This achievement included substantial gains across key markets: 66% in the US, 33% in the UK, and an extraordinary 300% in Canada, exemplifying the power of a well-aligned agency-client partnership in achieving significant business milestones.

With Directive Consulting, you gain visibility into lead lifecycle conversion rates, velocity, and nurture communications. It focuses on converting SQLs or sales-qualified (or nurtured) leads—not MQLs or marketing-qualified leads—and providing full-funnel visibility into what investments are working. With this agency, you can expect to acquire and retain your ideal customers and get the most out of the technology supporting your team.

Disruptive AdvertisingDisruptive Advertising

Location: Lindon, Utah | Founded: 2013 | Specialty: SaaS Marketing Agency

Key SaaS Services: content creation, PPC management (paid search and social advertising), SEO, social media management, email marketing, eCommerce, website optimization

Notable Clients: Tigerpaw, Americas Best Franchises, SlickText

Disruptive Advertising is a marketing agency that is passionate about building lifelong relationships with SaaS businesses. The agency aims to partner with their clients to understand the why behind their business, the goals they aspire to reach, and their impact on their customers and business. They then translate these insights into a unique and authentic marketing strategy that will enable their clients to achieve their objectives.

Disruptive Advertising has a proven track record of success, with more than 1,000 positive reviews and over $450 million in annual ad spend managed. The agency has also won over 50 national and local awards, highlighting its industry dominance. Furthermore, it has been voted as one of the Top Places to Work.

The agency’s approach is data-driven, and after auditing over 3,000 companies’ digital marketing strategies, Disruptive Advertising found that on average, over 76% of digital marketing budgets are wasted. Disruptive Advertising’s first step is to reallocate or save those wasted marketing dollars. Next, they set up the foundation for lasting growth with robust analytics that paints an accurate picture of how each marketing channel is performing. Finally, they position your brand to start scaling your marketing results, driving them toward your business goals.

Disruptive Advertising has a proven track record of success and has served a wide range of clients including SaaS companies, e-commerce stores, and businesses in the healthcare and finance sectors. Faced with LA Custom Blinds / 18004Blinds’ CRM lacking email integration, they implemented a temporary tracking solution using site tracking and event reporting via the scheduling confirmation page URL. This approach enabled them to attribute over 100 consultation appointments directly to email links since August, with an estimated email revenue of over $110,000, significantly enhancing client insight into email marketing effectiveness.

If you’re looking for a SaaS Marketing Agency that can help you achieve your business goals, Disruptive Advertising is a top choice. Its data-driven approach, focus on results, and track record of success make it a valuable partner for any business looking to scale its marketing results.


Location: Atlanta, Georgia | Founded: 2011 | Specialty: Social Media Marketing

Key SaaS Services: social media strategy and management, community management and listening, content production, paid social advertising, influencer marketing, social selling, data analysis and ROI modeling, AR services

Notable Clients: NetApp, Incomm, First Trade, Clinical Trial Media

Sociallyin bridges businesses and prospective clients through the influential platforms of LinkedIn. The agency emphasizes a robust, AI-driven LinkedIn lead generation that scales efficiently, ensuring businesses reach out and resonate with highly qualified leads within their specific niches. Every outreach is engineered with precision, utilizing high-performing data accumulated from thousands of successful LinkedIn campaigns across various industries.

One of the eminent features of Sociallyin is its ability to streamline connections. Through the Social Selling Automation service, the agency utilizes AI to target and engage decision-makers, drawing them directly into the client’s sales funnel via LinkedIn. The comprehensive process includes creating a custom A/B messaging sequence, real-time reporting, and data-driven campaign strategy enhancements. This ensures that businesses can focus on what matters most – selling, while Sociallyin takes the helm of connecting and engaging potential leads.

With a LinkedIn Certified Support Team at the core, Sociallyin amplifies its offering, ensuring every campaign is delivered and optimized for maximum impact. The agency offers various plans tailored to cater to diverse business needs and scales. Each plan features prospect outreach, active campaigns, auto follow-ups, AI-driven message organizing, and a dedicated client success team. Premium clients enjoy the VIP treatment, ensuring that their campaigns are not just executed but are the pinnacle of personalization and efficiency.

Sociallyin isn’t just about automating connections; it’s about automating meaningful engagements that convert. It’s more than an agency; it’s a partner that understands the intricate nuances of social media, transforming every outreach into a potential business opportunity. With a portfolio showcasing significant brands and positive client testimonials, you can expect Sociallyin to be your preferred partner for aiming to unveil social media’s true potential and capacity. For instance, in a nine-month campaign, Sociallyin exceeded the Mellow mindfulness app’s goal by achieving nearly 50,000 fitness app downloads, while also reducing the cost-per-install to $4.67, surpassing the 25,000 download target.


Location: New York City, New York| Founded: 2017 | Specialty: SaaS Product Design

Key SaaS Services: SaaS MVP, Product Analytics, Brand Guide Creation, UI/UX Design

Notable Clients: One the spot, Octo, Funne

Duck.Design stands out in the realm of B2B SaaS Marketing agencies with its focused approach on SaaS Product Design. This agency is not your typical marketing firm; it specializes in transforming service businesses by building innovative SaaS Product Ideas. Duck.Design excels in turning concepts into actionable product documentation, a crucial step in gaining a competitive edge in the fast-paced SaaS market.

Their core services include SaaS Product Discovery, where they refine your initial idea into a market-ready product, and SaaS Landing Page design, essential for validating your concept and gauging market interest. Additionally, Duck.Design keeps track of analytics to consistently enhance your product based on performance metrics and user feedback.

For businesses seeking ongoing support, Duck.Design’s Ongoing Product Design service integrates seamlessly with your team, focusing on user experience improvements and feature development. In a market crowded with B2B SaaS Marketing agencies, Duck.Design’s unique blend of product design expertise and strategic market positioning makes them a valuable partner for any SaaS business aiming to stand out and succeed.

The ShelfThe Shelf

Location: New York, NY| Founded: 2013 | Specialty: Full-Service Influencer Marketing Agency

Key SaaS Services: influencer marketing (with fraud detection), social media marketing, branding, campaign strategy and planning, whitelisting, performance tracking and analytics 

Notable Clients: The Smile Generation, Greenvelope, Blued

The Shelf is a full-service agency that specializes in influencer marketing. Its team creates meaningful connections, experiences, and content for its clients through the unique expertise of professional storytellers worldwide who engage virtually with other professionals in their field. As a company specializing in mobile app marketing, The Shelf knows what it takes to generate downloads. It uses a proprietary natural language processing and machine learning (ML)-powered SaaS platform and a jam-packed toolkit that includes everything from content marketing strategies and creative production down to analytics monitoring. This client portal keeps tabs on how your brand’s influencers are performing and ensures that your content is being consumed as intended. For instance, for their client, a renowned app known for connecting users with businesses, they launched a campaign to promote their new Black-Owned Business Attribute feature. Their strategy involved enlisting influencers to highlight this feature during Black History Month, focusing on both raising awareness and supporting Black-owned businesses amidst the challenges of COVID-19 and economic inequality. The results were outstanding, with a 54.8% engagement rate and clicks exceeding goals by 246%, demonstrating the power of influencer marketing in driving meaningful social and business impact.

Partnering with The Shelf as a SaaS marketing agency allows you to tap into a host of other marketing services like content quality control, lead gen campaigns, online ads, and social media management, among others. With that said, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing with The Shelf. Its client relationships are tailored to specific business needs.


Locations: London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vilnius | Founded: 2017 | Specialty: Social Media Marketing

Key SaaS Services: social media marketing, influencer marketing, PPC management, inbound marketing (SEO, content creation including video), affiliate marketing, email marketing, website optimization

Notable Clients: Bitcoin.com, Dash, Polkadot, Iqoniq, BankSocial, BitForex

SaaS companies looking to improve their digital presence and engage with their target audience can turn to NinjaPromo’s seasoned marketers to develop a strategy anchored on their unique value proposition (UVP) and customer pain points identified through market research and competitor analysis. NinjaPromo recognizes how critical customer onboarding is to B2B SaaS firms’ growth, offering services such as video production, community management, and mobile app design and development to make self-paced learning and feedback available between providers and users.

For a new fan engagement platform targeting sports and entertainment fans, NinjaPromo executed a comprehensive campaign, focusing on creating engaging content and increasing brand awareness. Their multifaceted approach included press releases, 24/7 community management, an explainer video, social media rebranding, and influencer partnerships, resulting in a 3x subscriber growth, over 700,000 monthly impressions, and a 250% increase in brand awareness, showcasing the effectiveness of a well-rounded promotional strategy.

Acting like a wise guide in the complex world of digital marketing, NinjaPromo can kickstart a brand’s digital presence, develop a strategy, create content, and engage with brand fans. They are comfortable working with all major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania| Founded: 2011 | Specialty: Website Design

Key SaaS Services: website and landing page analysis, design, development (for WordPress and Shopify), redesign, conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Notable Clients: EncompaaS, AlayaCare, Artera, BetterCloud

Your SaaS website must be compelling, modern, and intuitive to attract customers. Huemor helps clients create memorable online experiences with its unique approach to web design that’s meant to outshine the competition. Its simple, transparent, and customer-centric processes attract clients to its services. The company boasts that over 54% of clients report longer website lifespans. Its partners also reportedly experienced growths of over 94% in conversions and over 91% in generated leads after their website redesign projects.

Take the word of Will Weinraub, the product marketing head for net2phone, an IDT technologies subsidiary providing innovative VOIP services for small-to-mediumsized brands. He chose to work with Huemor because of its approachable nature and stellar portfolio. net2phone, which had difficulty communicating its unique and innovative solutions, soon had a modern and interactive website that increased leads by 1348%.


Location: Houston, Texas | Founded: 2006 | Specialty: Full-Service Marketing

Key SaaS Services: SEO content strategy and writing, off-page SEO outreach and link building, paid advertising management, product positioning and analytics analysis, onboarding management, website design and development

Notable Clients: StealthSeminar, Keen, Hellopeter, EZTrackIt, SmarterSelect, Raaft

Inturact provides consultation and full-service B2B SaaS marketing services designed to increase reach, engage customers, and drive revenues. Onboarding optimization—review, design, and content development—may be its flagship service. However, the agency also offers growth services, including business audit and growth support through its user interviewers, sales outreach pros, data analysts, writers, search engine optimizers, web designers, and developers.

Inturact has worked with several clients, including StealthSeminar and Keen. StealthSeminar, a B2B SaaS automated webinar platform, saw a 33% increase in monthly customers by following Inturact’s advice to switch from an upfront payment acquisition model to an optimized free trial acquisition model. Keen, an event data management software, witnessed a healthy 50% organic growth (blog traffic) boost after working with Inturact’s marketing experts.

Metric TheoryMetric Theory

Location: San Francisco, California | Founded: 2012 | Specialty: Digital Marketing

Key SaaS Services: paid search and social, programmatic advertising (connected TV and podcast networks), mobile app advertising, product feed management, eCommerce management, social media management, fraud and brand safety, video content production 

Notable Clients: Paycor, Getaround, Zenefits, ServiceMax, Optimizely, Workday Adaptive Planning

If you’re looking for a performance digital marketing agency that has managed over $500M in client ad spend, Metric Theory is the best B2B SaaS marketing agency for you. With more than 400 notable clients like GoFundMe, Lyft, and Too Faced, you can be sure that your advertising dollars are in good hands. It has globally established partners in programmatic media (including outdoor advertising, including Quantcast), audience management (like Tealium and LiveRamp), verification (data privacy compliance like Bombora), search (marketing intelligence such as Integral Ad Science), account-based marketing (DemandBase and Terminus), and lead (Integrate) and tag (Marketo Measure) management. You can track and view your campaign’s performance and analytics (during pre-launch test and live) through the agency’s Compass dashboard.

One featured client, Team Snap, discovered that when Metric Theory took over their paid media platforms like YouTube and AdWords, the app’s B2B leads increased by 300%. As a result, the app, which targeted sports teams, could acquire new customers and increase the rapid adoption of its platform.

SmartBug MediaSmartBug Media

Location: Newport Beach, California | Founded: 2007 | Specialty: Full-Service Digital Marketing

Key SaaS Services: inbound marketing, sales enablement, eCommerce marketing, web CMS, creative and branding

Notable Clients: Topia, UNiDAYS, Quotit

SmartBug Media is a customer lifecycle marketing agency that helps its clients increase qualified leads and revenue, optimize resources, and align marketing and sales by setting up an ROI-focused digital marketing infrastructure. Its SaaS experts take your UVP and focus on your target vertical to formulate an effective demand-generation strategy. They then simplify and streamline your tech stack through automation and integration as well as make your SaaS brand stand out with persona-targeted content. Moreover, the agency customizes a sales enablement plan, which synergizes your marketing and sales team in converting the right leads at the right time. SmartBug harnesses the capabilities of HubSpot throughout the process, from content management to tech migration and customer success.

One of their featured clients, Spotlight, had difficulty activating free trials for their cloud-based SaaS solution to fix SQL Server environment issues. As a highly technical app, Spotlight relies on leads experiencing the free trial environment to sign up as committed customers. SmartBug created automated workflows to help convert these leads, resulting in a 39% MQL-to-SQL conversion rate and a 159.25% revenue increase.

Bay Leaf DigitalBay Leaf Digital

Location: Bedford, Texas | Founded: 2013 | Specialty: FullService Digital Marketing

Key SaaS Services: content marketing, analytics, PPC and retargeting, SEO, social media marketing, HubSpot management, website maintenance and refresh

Notable Clients: MeazureUp, Emissary, Sapience Analytics, Text2Drive, TrueFort

Bay Leaf Digital believes your SaaS analytics is a gold mine. Its analytics professionals study traffic, conversions, quality, and cost to help clients increase their MRR (monthly recurring revenue). The agency helps halve your lead generation costs and double your conversion rates by looking at your goals and product-market fit. This way, its team can craft a suitable marketing plan and identify your priorities, including positioning your content and offers to the appropriate job roles and businesses.

One of the featured case studies on its website involves helping Acctivate connect and automate its email marketing and CRM platforms to increase websitequalified leads while effectively managing the time of the sales and marketing departments. Monthly promos, thought leadership guides, and videos created interest among 24% of formerly dormant but retargeted leads, eventually earning the inventory management software provider over $61,000 in revenues in three months.

Wallaroo MediaWallaroo Media

Location: Provo, Utah | Founded: 2012 | Specialty: Full-Service Digital Marketing and Advertising

Key SaaS Services: paid advertising, organic marketing, campaign management and analytics, design (web and app design and development, photography, videography)

Notable Clients: Zark, BambooHR, TaxBit

Wallaroo Media started as an SEO and content marketing agency that rapidly evolved into a leading full-service digital marketing provider, helping B2B SaaS companies scale through brand awareness campaigns and online ad optimization. The agency specializes in creating paid ads for companies of any size but also offers assistance in creatives and relationship-building with investors and creditors.

It helped Acorns, an app that automatically invests your spare change, reach the right market using Facebook and Twitter, resulting in the app being named Mashable’s #1 App of the Year in 2014.


Location: London, UK | Founded: 2016 | Specialty: Growth Marketing

Key SaaS Services: inbound marketing, sales enablement (HubSpot CRM and sales tools implementation), customer success (insights, referral strategy)

Notable Clients: Cisco, Hotjar, Insightly, Pipedrive, QuestBack

Take out the guesswork of growing your SaaS company with Cobloom‘s expertise and experience. As a team of former bootstrapped SaaS founders who have successfully sold their own SaaS startup, the Cobloom team knows what it takes to grow a SaaS company until investors take notice, fund it, and eventually buy it. Cobloom generates thousands of qualified and engaged leads to help SaaS companies achieve the next level of success. As a HubSpot partner since 2013, the agency uses this marketing automation platform to implement full-funnel marketing for clients.

Like a security software company that went from 0 to 10,000 organic leads in two years, you can achieve measurable exponential growth. Or, if you’re struggling with getting the right leads, you can follow Scale’s example. The resource management software struggled with getting new customers to sign up, and Cobloom helped them lower their CPA while increasing their lead quality in just under 31 days.


Location: Sarasota, Florida | Founded: 2006 | Specialty: SEO & PPC

Key SaaS Services: SEO, market analysis, PPC management, analytics, ad creative

Notable Clients: JotForm, VNTANA, Bidsketch, Segment, Unsplash

SimpleTiger is the best B2B SaaS marketing agency for companies looking to grow their SEO and PPC initiatives. Clients trust the agency to rank pages and increase site traffic, thanks in part to its proprietary AI & data intelligence platform. At the same time, its team uses nearly two decades of industry experience to build you a roadmap based on the organic growth levers and potential impact identified by research. JotForm, a leading online form-building platform, saw a 50% boost in website traffic and a 120% increase in conversions with the agency’s help. JotForm experienced a 597% increase in traffic to its primary target page when SimpleTiger raised this client’s site ranking to the 1st page of Google Search Results within two months of their engagement.


Location: Seattle, Washington | Founded: 2018 | Specialty: FullService Digital Marketing

Key SaaS Services: GTM strategy and workshop, SEO and content marketing, paid media, design and branding, website development  

Notable Clients: CPGvision, triValence, Aware360, Patch, Zippity, iControl, Beezy, Ascend

Kalungi provides distinct marketing strategies for B2B SaaS companies that want to experience T2D3 (triple, triple, double, double, double) growth. T2D3—a term coined by prolific investor Neeraj Agrawal in 2015—refers to the trajectory of successful tech startups, which tripled their annual revenue for two consecutive years and doubled it in the next three. When you partner with Kalungi, you receive full-stack, instant support through any stage of marketing maturity. Clients also get access to its OKR (Objectives and Key Results) management tool to view priorities and progress at a glance. The app sends weekly executive summaries to your inbox. As Arrowstream can attest, Kalungi could quickly assemble its “army of experts to work on various aspects of a brand’s marketing operations. The agency drastically increased the pace of this food service supply chain software provider’s initiatives, some of which started two years before it asked for the agency’s help. They include fixing Arrowstream’s website and aligning marketing campaigns with sales goals to hasten their launch. The company CEO noted that amid the changes, his LinkedIn account’s supply-chain followers grew 50% in one month.

Tilt MetricsTilt Metrics

Location: Boston, Massachusetts | Founded: 2014 | Specialty: Paid Ads and SEO

Key SaaS Services: PPC management (paid search and social), SEO, social media management, ad creatives production, website optimization

Notable Clients: Ingram Micro, Astra, MojoTech, CloudApp, Sigura

Tilt Metrics is a boutique marketing agency that focuses on helping B2B SaaS companies generate awareness, build trust and authority, and convert qualified prospects. To do this, they leverage SEO and paid media.

While LinkedIn is generally regarded as the main platform for B2B brands, the agency believes you can reap benefits from applying its automated features for lead generation campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram. For example, if you want to use Facebook and Instagram, Tilt Metrics can create ads to drive signups on demand. Then, to ensure that you make the most of the new traffic, its team can also assist with conversion rate and landing page optimizations.

The company’s results speak for themselves. From helping clients validate their minimum viable products (MVPs) to lead generation, Tilt Metrics has used paid search and social ad campaigns in various effective ways. For example, when Astra, an automation platform for money transfers, approached them to increase mobile app signups, the agency managed not only to get more signups but also to reduce costs. Tilt Metrics did this by focusing on audience targeting, messaging, and ad creatives. The result — 10,000 signups at half the price.

Refine LabsRefine Labs

Location: Boston, Massachusetts | Founded: 2018 | Specialty: Full-Service Digital Marketing

Key SaaS Services: Demand generation, content and creative, campaign testing and forecasting, performance measurement 

Notable Clients: Clari, Zappi, Centripetal, Yellowbrick, Loxo

While other agencies focus on MQLs, Refine Labs believes in beefing up your pipeline, sales velocity, and revenue while reducing your cost per acquisition to scale your growth. Refine Studio has developed over 2,000 creative strategies and produced over 60,000 brand assets over 15 digital channels through a scalable testing framework.

Its demand generation model follows the create-capture-convert process. You can track how the agency grows your pipeline from initial experimentation and forecasts growth. Better yet, tap into the free or paid version of Refine Labs’ The Vault, a collection of reports on the agency’s insights into working with over 200 B2B companies. Users can view outlines of campaigns—from strategy to execution and performance outcomes—and playbooks (process templates) and receive weekly group coaching and event invites.

Revenue operations management solution Clari saw a 64% rise in sales win rates, a 67% reduction in advertising cost of acquisition, and a 36% drop in cost per sales-qualified opportunity when Refine Labs applied a new narrative for its ad campaign. The agency amplified messages and creatives on how “revenue leak” can be solved through its new product, RevCG (Revenue Collaboration and Governance).


Location: Tallinn, Estonia | Founded: 2018 | Specialty: Digital Marketing and Advertising

Key SaaS Services: paid media, ad creatives, growth consulting 

Notable Clients: Pitch, Wiza, PostHog, Sprig, Writesonic

Hey Digital helps SaaS companies profit from digital marketing and paid advertising initiatives by increasing CRO. Their marketing experts will help you increase revenues by entering new acquisition channels—such as Product Hunt, Dribbble, Capterra, Quora, and Reddit, increasing your free trials and demos, and improving your PPC campaign targeting. Hey Digital also conducts voice-of-customer research and A/B testing to produce impactful copy that will convey your value proposition. Moreover, Hey Digital has an in-house creative director, motion graphics designer, and senior copywriter to take care of your script, storyboarding, talent sourcing, and production for video ads. You can communicate with its team and get campaign updates via Slack and Unbounce.

One client they’ve proudly helped was SocialBee, a social media management platform. Hey Digital increased booked demos by 653%, free trial sign-ups by 623%, and eBook downloads by 115%.

Heinz MarketingHeinz Marketing

Location: Redmond, Washington | Founded: 2008 | Specialty: B2B Marketing & Sales Acceleration

Key SaaS Services: target market consulting, resources and technology assessment, campaign and program strategy, content and messaging development, metrics and KPI refinement, sales cycle optimization, industry insight and research

Notable Clients: PathFactory, MW Industries, WhatCounts, Market Leader

Heinz Marketing provides a predictable pipeline for clients struggling with their sales. The agency gears campaign messaging toward buying committees, the decision-makers in the B2B software-purchasing journey. Its experts audit your tech stack and sales process to ensure leads have a consistent experience from your marketers and salespeople. Its team then crafts a content plan that will demonstrate your thought leadership after conducting sales call audits and in-depth customer interviews.

Mike Andrews of The City, Zondervan’s web-based platform for churches, attests to the hands-on and results-driven team in Heinz Marketing. With the agency’s help, they grew their sales and increased their market share.


Location: New York, NY | Founded: 2016 | Specialty: Growth Hacking

Key SaaS Services: competitor and market analysis, paid search and social advertising, SEO and content marketing, performance branding, email, video, and SMS marketing 

Notable Clients: ByteDance, Invisibly, CheckSammy, Unspun, Rivet

NoGood is famous for being the growth agency responsible for the rise of TikTok, ByteDance’s global social media platform, which debuted in the US. It’s no surprise that ByteDance asked them to grow Lark—its next-gen workspace for teams that offers a suite of office collaboration tools—in America.

As an agency specializing in growth hacking, NoGood combined inbound marketing, SEO, and content marketing to deliver 879% organic traffic, a 69% sign-up rate, and 38% funnel efficiency. NoGood uses a data-driven experimentation framework to create high-impact, low-cost strategies that establish customer retention. So for Lark, the agency ran a content consumption analysis to identify high-intent themes and topics and built a dashboard showing a lead lifecycle with content consumption (by content piece, medium, and source). Most importantly, NoGood redesigned Lark’s website for CRO, adding an automated meeting scheduling feature.

Single GrainSingle Grain

Location: Los Angeles, California | Founded: 2009| Specialty: Full-Service Digital Marketing

Key SaaS Services: SEO and content marketing, paid advertising, social media marketing, podcast marketing

Notable Clients: Lever.co, Amazon Alexa, Twenty20

Single Grain has become a trusted partner of enterprise SaaS firms in designing highly effective growth marketing funnels while maximizing their marketing budget. The agency supports companies with conversion rate optimization and high-converting content development to help them succeed like it did, having once been a $2 SEO agency in 2014. Single Grain’s multi-channel advertising expertise covers LinkedIn, Amazon, Hulu, and other platforms where your ideal buyers are likely to congregate and engage.

Take the case of Nextiva, a unified business communication SaaS suite that attracted leads but at the cost of unoptimized ad spending. Working with Single Grain helped them reduce cost-per-lead by 41.37%, while at the same time increasing the quality of leads.

Why Hire a B2B SaaS Marketing Agency?

B2B SaaS marketing agencies are experts in the skills needed to market SaaS products successfully. They have in-depth industry knowledge and the right strategies to convert your customers. One of the top pain points of every SaaS is high churn rates. Customers try out the products but never convert into paying customers. Another big challenge is discovery. With the crowded space, customers must be able to discover your solution and determine if it’s the perfect fit.

Reaching the right customers, converting them, and retaining their business are the primary marketing goals of any SaaS business. A great B2B SaaS marketing agency must know lead generation, SaaS CRO, SEO, SEM, pricing strategies, social media marketing, and other related skills. You shouldn’t hire an inexperienced SaaS marketing agency, or you risk having your SaaS fading into oblivion.

How to Choose the Best B2B SaaS Marketing Agency?

Finding the right B2B SaaS marketing agency may feel challenging, given the number of well-qualified players in the field. While it can be tough to choose, it’s possible when you consider the following factors:

Factors for Choosing B2B SaaS Marketing AgencyFactors for Choosing B2B SaaS Marketing Agency

Your requirements

B2B SaaS marketing agencies have different specializations. Identifying your marketing goals or problems will allow you to determine the specific services your company requires. As a result, you can narrow your search to companies with solutions for those issues. While some offer full-service marketing, if you only need a specific requirementsuch as lead generation or performance marketingyou are better off going to specialists whose expertise can give you the desired results.

Your budget

Budget is a primary consideration when deciding to work with an agency. It depends on the scope of work and the timeframe—will it be a one-off project or a long-term partnership? Understanding your goals will help you stick to your budget when selecting an agency. Weigh the risks and gains. Allotting a higher budget may be wise if the expected outcomes exceed the risks of leaving current marketing challenges unattended or handling them without expert help. 

To give you an idea, most marketing budgets are worth 10% to 30% of a B2B SaaS company’s annual revenue. The allocation depends on your business size and growth stage. Clickstrike says the budget would be around 20% to 30% of one’s annual revenue for most small starting firms, 10% to 20% for midsize companies, and 10% to 15% or higher for more established organizations.

To translate this in dollar amounts, startups typically earmark around $25K to $75K monthly in digital marketing spend in the early stages, according to DataDab. This budget can rise to between $50K and $150K monthly during the mid/post-product market fit stage. Meanwhile, the amount can range from $100K to $500K monthly in the latter stages of high-growth startups.

Moreover, consider the payment terms. Request a proposal listing detailed costs and ensure you understand how they charge for each service to avoid surprise expenses down the line. Some agencies agree on a pay-per-performance model, which assures that they will exhaust all means to deliver results.

Your current team

If you already have an existing marketing team, assess if the agency you’re getting will complement or replace some your team’s functions. It’s also best to engage a marketing agency if your internal marketing team has had previous—and productive—collaborations with external marketing experts.

Find out your prospective partner’s marketing approach to establish if it aligns with your company’s culture and expectations. What are its strategy development process and success metrics? The agency’s answer will help you understand how they will work to achieve your goals and their performance or progress-tracking methods.

Your tech stacks

Working with an agency will involve several platforms or software you must be willing to adopt or pay for as part of its overall service. If you have existing ones, consider if they will use them. If they won’t, then you must determine if it’s a deal breaker for you or not.

Their reputation

Before choosing a B2B SaaS marketing agency, research their past works and ask around. Verify that what they post is accurate and look for a display of expertise. You don’t want to work with the wrong agency that can harm your SaaS growth.

Besides thoroughly reviewing each agency’s website for details on services, pricing, past clients, and projects, ask the agency for testimonials from previous or current clients. Look for collaborations involving issues similar to yours and the solution provided by the agency. You can also visit review sites such as TrustRadius, G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, Gartner, GoodFirms, SoftwareSuggest, SourceForge, and PC Mag.

Their experience in the B2B SaaS niche

The agency must have experience using B2B SaaS marketing products and services. Familiarity with tools for specific and various aspects of marketing—such as customer segmentation, social listening, PPC optimization, and others—will allow you to confidently adopt their advice in planning, developing, and executing your marketing campaigns. Also, research their track record for supporting the scalability of their clients’ marketing gains.

Their SaaS marketing expertise

Know your prospect’s skill set to ensure it’s capable of fulfilling your account-based marketing (ABM) goals in the B2B space. ABM doesn’t employ the “interruptive” tactics used in traditional outbound marketing, such as cold calling and direct mail. Instead, it harnesses tech tools that provide you with data for targeted messaging to entities or individuals in organizations that can bring in the most revenues for your company.

Check the agency’s online presence to see if they have articles or posts addressing the pain points your business or niche is experiencing. Some common industry challenges include promoting complex products, standing out from the competition, qualifying leads, and navigating the bureaucracy in enterprise-level SaaS. Evaluate their suggestions and case studies—including client comments—to estimate the likelihood of success if you hire them to solve your problem.

The Future of SaaS Marketing: AI, Machine Learning, and Beyond

47% of businesses expect marketing heads to have a more direct role in driving revenue and growth, according to “The B2B Benchmark Report 2023” by LinkedIn and Ipsos. Under pressure to prove ROI in less time, 2 in 5 CMOs must figure out how to incorporate new tech—such as AI and ML—into their marketing mix. The study adds that AI usage ranks second among the CMOs’ top challenges behind client acquisition and before boosting customer engagement.

However, findings by the Marketing Institute showed that marketing teams have forged ahead despite qualms and uncertainties. 64% of surveyed marketers said AI is critical to their success this year. 98% confirmed they’re already using it—either included it in their workflows or experimented with tools. In what ways will AI transform the way B2B SaaS companies do marketing?

  • Redefinition of marketing roles

42% of CMOs in the LinkedIn-Ipsos report said that the future belongs to team members who are eager to adopt new technology. Experts say that AI will replace marketers with mediocre skills. However, it will enhance the output of professionals who combine deep industry research with the appropriate brand tone and their customer’s “buy language.”

Thus, we can expect a rise in the demand for knowledge in delivering AI-driven content generation, segmentation, multi-channel automations, analytics, predictive scoring, and business intelligence. 

  • Necessity of prompt engineering

The output of AI software will depend on accurate instructions or prompts. Thus, marketers must learn to prompt the tool or feature to get high-quality content or the answers they need.

  • Optimization to stand out amid the rise of zero-click search

With Google’s rollout of Search Generative Experience, users aren’t likely to click search result links immediately because they can see an overview of answers to their query on top of the SERP. However, Google will recommend relevant pages if users need more information. Thus, competition will intensify for brands to be included among those suggested web pages. Marketers must optimize for featured snippets—which directly answer common industry questions or your target audience’s common queries—mobile, and omnichannel content distribution.

Malicious parties may use AI to tarnish the reputation of competitor brands. Marketing team leaders will invest in social listening solutions for brand monitoring and sentiment analysis to detect and deal with messages that can harm the brand image.

The Evolution of SaaS Marketing: Trends to Watch in 2024

A CloudEagle report revealed that finance departments have had to reduce software spending by as much as 30% amid the global economic slowdown and to keep more money flowing into—than out of—their businesses. Unfortunately, sales, customer success, and marketing teams are reportedly notorious for accumulating unused apps within a year of acquiring them. The study explained that these teams purchase new apps for immediate requirements and then change tools when faced with new developments.

How will B2B SaaS marketing look in 2024 as companies tighten their belts and take longer to convert

1. User experience will continue to be the top priority.

Siege Media’s 2024 SaaS Marketing Trends Report says that positive user experience on a SaaS brand’s website will continue to drive page sessions and conversions. Customers and search engines will continue to look for these elements:

Elements Enhanced User ExperienceElements Enhanced User Experience

More companies will adopt sticky navigation on their websites. Sticky navigation refers to navigation bars or menus that stay at the top of the page whether you scroll down or up, giving you easy access to other pages at any time.

86% of SaaS organizations already use this website design on their home pages, while 79% of SaaS blogs follow this navigation type.

However, user research and best practices will determine whether a sticky header will be effective for your website. Online stores and webpages with lengthy text content will benefit the most from sticky navigation. Also, you must know the menu items most commonly used by your customers and target audience. Simple and concise labeling will prevent the sticky bar from distracting users. 

SaaS businesses are expected to invest in faster webpage loading, content scannability, and interactive elements to satisfy B2B leads and clients who spend most of their waking hours in front of computer screens. Only 51% of SaaS corporate homepages have a passing CWV (core web vitals) score. 

In addition, more industry players will also consider accessible design development or making a website easy to use for people with visual, hearing, or physical disabilities.  

Siege Media expects more industry players to promote (49%) or expand (64%) the AI capabilities of their offers.

93% of SaaS outfits already offer API integrations for seamless access to high-profile systems, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, and Jira.

You can’t ignore mobile accessibility even if the B2B SaaS clientele works mainly on desktop devices. Over half of consumers use their smartphones to read their emails. Moreover, Google SERPs list mobile-responsive websites first.

  • Emphasis on content marketing

B2B SaaS companies will sustain and build on popular content marketing formats, such as eBooks and articles discussing the “Best X” software type, “Alternatives to (x),” and “Brand X vs. Brand Y” (comparison of two or more software).

2. Pursuing new opportunities will intensify.

B2B SaaS teams will identify marketing gaps and opportunities in the following after determining what their current business trajectory is. Based on Powered by Search’s 4 Futures Model, your brand status can be stalling, sustaining, scaling, or soaring. Here’s a chart with a description of each status and recommended actions:

Declining growth (being outpaced by rivals, paused projects, missed goals) due to market changes and budget cuts

Barely hitting targets and struggling to keep up with competitors

Consistently hitting growth targets

Surpassing targets (among the market’s top performers)

Paid media – audit your buying journey

SEO – evaluate content for timeliness and value, searching for keywords and CTAs that convert

Paid media – audit your buying journey, landing page experience, and nurture sequences

SEO – audit website traffic based on keyword selection, improve blog architecture

Paid media – slowly increase one’s budget to place ads on more channels

SEO – aim to rank for lower search volume terms, capture more relevant long tail search terms

Paid media – conduct sentiment monitoring, update messaging to address current pain points

SEO – update and refresh high-value posts

Demand generation – stay in touch with sales and customer support to determine the fastest-closing leads and which of them have the highest lifetime value

Regardless of your business trajectory, the 4 Futures Model suggests:

  • SEO: optimizing blog design for conversions
  • Paid media: conducting incremental (A/B) tests on campaigns
  • Demand generation: re-engaging customers through email marketing

Final Thoughts

Hiring a B2B SaaS marketing agency is your best course of action when you’re experiencing low-quality leads, poor conversions, lackluster revenues, and a virtually unknown brand. With tons of experience and expertise developed by helping numerous SaaS companies, these agencies can produce the results you’ve been dreaming of. They can help catapult your SaaS to a broader audience and pave the way for massive growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is B2B SaaS Marketing?

B2B SaaS stands for business-to-business software-as-a-service. It refers to cloud-based software used by businesses to run various tasks like CRM (customer relationship marketing), bookkeeping & accounting, office productivity, and other work-related functions. Thus, B2B SaaS marketing is applying data-backed strategies to create a demand for SaaS products through the internet.

What is a SaaS Marketing Agency?

A SaaS Marketing Agency is a group of marketing experts specializing in specific marketing activities designed to grow your SaaS company. SaaS, particularly B2B SaaS, rely on targeted marketing activities such as growth marketing, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization (CRO) to reach the right audience and grow their subscribers. 

What does a SaaS marketing team do?

B2B SaaS marketing teams cover the following tasks:

  • Brand marketing: uses storytelling to position the company as a thought leader
  • Product marketing: differentiates the brand’s product and its core attributes in a saturated market 
  • Social media marketing: amplifies brand messages and engages with audiences through LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok
  • Content marketing: producing articles, blogs, webinars, tutorials, and eBooks
  • Email marketing: sending newsletters, personalized communications, and drip campaigns
  • Creative: managing and implementing a consistent brand style; designing, managing, and distributing brand assets (illustrative and video content)
  • Growth marketing: studies analytics and insights from various channels to understand consumer choices and experiment strategies in conjunction with the sales team
  • Field marketing: conducts iterative testing for user engagement and retention techniques (meeting potential customers in their place of business or conferences)
  • Affiliate marketing: establishing affiliate partnerships offering added value to current clients
  • Loyalty marketing: post-purchase engagement to usher in positive reviews, referrals, and upsells

How much does SaaS marketing cost?

Payments will typically depend on the services and timeframe required to meet your goals. Agencies can charge fixed hourly rates ($100 to $250 or higher) or flat monthly fees ($1,000 to $50,000). Also, some marketing firms offer individual or piecemeal services. For instance, strategy development or web design alone can cost over $20,000.

What are the most effective SaaS marketing techniques?

Some of the best SaaS marketing strategies include:

  • PPC Campaigns
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO Marketing
  • Free trials and discounts
  • Referral incentives
  • Feature on SaaS review sites
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising

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