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Kylie Kelce is making headlines for her latest interaction with a fan, who allegedly “went off” on her for declining to take a photo. While out with her husband, Jason Kelce, in Margate City, New Jersey, a woman yelled at Kylie and insulted her, and Kylie defended herself.

According to the “Word to the Wise” podcast, which shared an Instagram video of the altercation on Tuesday, May 28, the woman “was trying to get a photo” with Kylie and Jason “while they were in traffic or in their car.” After Kylie “politely said ‘no,’” the woman “went off on her,” the post claimed.

The Instagram post further alleged that “multiple witnesses have messaged us and said the Kelce’s did nothing wrong and were so polite.”

In the clip, the woman was seen getting in Kylie’s face, while Kylie towered over her. The woman then said, “I don’t care who you are, you will never be allowed in this town.” In response, Kylie said, “I can smell the alcohol on your breath. You’re embarrassing yourself.” The video then cut to show both women confronting one another one more time while Jason, 36, stood back.

Many true fans of the Kelces took to the comments section of the Instagram video to praise Kylie for her reaction.

“The Kelce’s are human beings also. Let them live their life,” one Instagram user wrote, before adding, “Who wants to be harassed because you didn’t take a picture with them? Sad world we live in.”

Another fan commented, “Don’t go against @kykelce !!!! She is a woman who is literally a role model for so many girls, mothers, women etc. for body positivity .. and now sticking up for yourself and your family when someone oversteps BOUNDARIES!!”

Others also pointed out how Jason didn’t get in the middle of the tense moment, with some applauding him for letting Kylie “handle” the matter.

“Jason standing back with his hands on his hips watching Kylie handle business is amazing,” one commenter chimed in, while another added, “The fact that he stood to the side and let her do her thing,” with several applause emojis.

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