Hama Hama Oyster Company: Specialty Oyster Larval Setting Program

·        What: Increasing the production of native Olympia oysters and workforce development through the mentorship of farm interns.

·        Why: Relatively few shellfish farmers in Washington grow the native Olympia oysters because hatchery-produced juvenile Olympia oysters are difficult to find and expensive to purchase. This project will allow the Hama Hama Oyster Company to test out Olympia oyster production with the end goal of eventually providing juvenile Olympias to small oyster companies nearby to grow and sell commercially. 

·        How: SOAR funds will be used to grow Olympia oysters from larvae to juvenile size, and then track survival and growth to maturity. If successful, Hama Hama Oyster Company will use this pilot program to increase the number of Olympia oyster seed and marketable product available to both shellfish farmers and consumers.

Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians: Triangle Cove Mixed-Use Shellfish Mosaic

·        What: Enhancing a Tribal shellfish growing area in a pocket estuary of Port Susan Bay. The project has three goals: restore shellfish beds and associated habitat structure, provide traditional and nutritious food for Tribal members for harvest, and eventually produce shellfish for local markets.

·        Why:  Water quality has declined in Port Susan Bay, leading to the closure of shellfish harvest zones in much of the area. However, the Stillaguamish Tribe has stewarded Triangle Cove, maintaining a thriving estuary with harvestable shellfish. To further support recovery of the Triangle Cove ecosystem (post-Spartina eradication) and to meet objectives of the 2011 WA State Shellfish Initiative, this project aims restore native Olympia oysters and increase shellfish harvest opportunities for Tribal members.

·       How: The project will deploy juvenile Olympia oysters on shell substrate, along with mature Olympias, to establish a local population of native oysters. Manila clam seed will also be spread to enhance a portion of the growing area. The site will be monitored for the survival and growth of the juvenile shellfish and the natural settlement of native oysters.

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