NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 08: (L-R) Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson attend the "Fly Me To The Moon" World Premiere at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on July 08, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)
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Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost are all in for jokes and supporting one another when it comes to their marriage. In the new film, Fly Me to the Moon – starring the 39-year-old actress and Channing Tatum – her 42-year-old husband made a cameo as a result of it being on the “prenupital agreement.”

The two tied the knot in 2020 and parent their son Cosmo and the Black Widow’s daughter Rose Dorothy – from her previous marriage with Romain Dauriac.

During an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Kimmel – that aired Monday, July 8 – , the Lucy actress jokingly addressed “Greg Berlanti was our director … a huge fan of Colin’s…Colin — I think he had to do it ’cause it’s, like, in our prenuptial agreement…If I ask him to do something, he has to be there to support me. He has to be in every one of my films.”


Adding to the romance on set, she mentioned on the show how she would run her lines with Colin but he would go into full acting mode when rehearsing. “ I run lines with him…Which is great … you’d think that would be very convenient because you have a partner there to help you out…. he really commits to the line reading. It’s not always the performance I want it to be. I’m just like, ‘Say the lines!’…  I’m like, ‘I can’t focus. Forget it. I’ll just learn them myself’,” she recalled.

The married couple has always been very publicly open about their relationship as they love to joke about one another. Earlier this year the SNL star spoke about his wife during a segment on an episode called “Weekly Update” where he read a joke written by Michael Che that said , “ChatGPT has released a new voice assistant feature inspired by Scarlett Johansson’s AI character in Her…I’ve never bothered to watch because without that body, what’s the point of listening?.”

He even playfully mentioned her during his speech at the White House Correspondant Dinner, “I want to thank my wife for enduring lots of jokes and for agreeing to individually meet everyone in this room right after the ceremony…That’s really special honey, thank you. Don’t be shy, come right up. She hates privacy!” 

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