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Uma Jammeh has reportedly made the decision to leave the villa following a surprising twist on Love Island. The VIP host and model became a standout player on the latest season of the ITV2 reality show, but now there have been reports that she made the decision to leave the show. After entering the villa on day 3, Uma, 23, has become a fan favorite islander, and her exit is sure to surprise people.

‘Love Island’ Reveals That Someone Left the Villa

Following a shocking episode on Sunday, July 6, it was decided that there would be a surprise extra elimination because there were so many couples still in the house. It was reported by tabloids that the decision led to one person left the villa following the decision, but it was not revealed who, according to “The villa is so full that people are sleeping on the day beds. So producers decided it was a good idea to trim the fat and called another dumping soon after Movie Night,” an insider said. “What they were not expecting was the partner of the individual axed wanting to leave.”

Uma Reportedly Leaves After Wil is Booted

Before the elimination, Uma had an emotional moment with Wil Anderson after he had kissed Lucy Graybill during  a date. Uma told him that she wanted to be “closed off” with him, and he responded, “I need to reassure you as much as I can to make you feel special, because you’re really special to me,” per Mirror.

During the elimination, Uma was recoupled with Reuben Collins, and Wil was kicked out of the villa. Following Wil’s elimination, it was reported that Uma made the decision to leave the show, according to a report by The Sun. Despite anticipation that her exit would be shown during Monday’s episode, it was not.

What’s Been Said About Uma’s Exit?

An insider revealed that Uma made her feelings “clear” and showed she was “loyal” to Wil by making the decision in a report from Daily Mail. “It was an emotional moment shared by all of her fellow Islanders but it’s what she wanted to do to remain true to herself,” they said. “She knew at this last stage in the competition that she wasn’t going to develop feelings for anyone else and she couldn’t see Wil leave on his own.”

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