Fintech is a booming industry that’s on everyone’s mind, especially investors.

As the tech-savvy Millennial generation has aged, banking and financial options evolved, too, and once rare perks like mobile banking became standard, forcing brick-and-mortar institutions to become tech-enabled.

Fintech Companies to Know

  • Square
  • Cash App
  • Chime
  • Plaid
  • Circle
  • SoFi
  • Stripe
  • Coinbase
  • Venmo
  • Robinhood

But banks aren’t the only financial institutions that have made tech-driven changes. Entire markets — from digital loans and mobile stock services to e-commerce payment platforms and digital currency exchanges — are rooted in digital financial access.

To learn more about what the current space looks like, check out these fintech companies and startups.

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121 Fintech Companies to Know

Core Digital Media is a fintech and marketing company that operates several financial empowerment services, like and The company’s brands allow consumers to economize on recurring expenses like mortgage payments, insurance premiums and credit card bills, with strategically placed ads that appear on each brand’s website serving as the income stream to power the financial services offerings.


MineralTree is an accounts payable company that makes software to automate payments. As a replacement for manually paying for the goods, services and labor a company needs to pay to maintain its operations, the MineralTree platform takes a holistic view of these regular and incidental transactions and coheres them into a digital cloud-based workflow. 


LoanStreet offers digital products for loan trading among financial institutions that hold loans, such as banks, credit unions and direct lenders. Its single dashboard allows lenders to manage, share and analyze loans, which they can then trade as assets. Features include a digital loan marketplace, automated loan reporting, loan servicing and analytics on loan performance. 


Constrafor makes fintech SaaS products for general contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry. Its GC product is a cloud platform that facilitates procurement and admin processes like contracts and invoices, while its subcontractor product handles financing for receivables. The aim of the platforms is to help clients free up cash so their businesses can grow rather than having to keep cash in reserve to manage the administration of existing projects. 


Vestmark makes software and provides technology services for investment portfolio management. It designs products for broker dealers, asset managers, investment advisors, turnkey asset management programs and banks. Serving more than 72,000 financial advisors and managing combined platform assets of over $1.5 trillion across more than 5 million investor accounts, the platform is well equipped to scale. 


Beyond Finance provides consumers with personalized solutions for paying off debt. The company says it can help customers reduce their monthly payments and resolve debt within 24 to 48 months. Beyond Finance offers free consultations to get customers started on their journey toward financial freedom.


Supernova Technology is a team of finance and technology experts working to innovate securities-based lending. Its cloud-based, modular platform can be configured to meet the needs of broker dealers, banks registered investment advisors and technology providers. It comes with tools like a client portal for 24/7 access to account status information and customizable risk management dashboards.


January specializes in “humanized debt collection.” Its digital platform engages borrowers who have fallen behind on their payments to set them up with a plan for paying off their debt. The company says its empathetic, digital-first approach to collections helps creditors increase recoveries without compromising on compliance and security.


Operating in the healthcare space with a care-now, pay-later business model, Scratch Financial works with a network of over 14,000 healthcare practices across the U.S. and Canada. Its patient lending and payment processing platform works to make paying for medical care more accessible. Its financing solution is available for medical treatments and procedures as well as veterinary care. 


Financial services firm Clear Street has a proprietary cloud-based trading platform where customers can complete transactions involving U.S. equities and options. By eschewing slow mainframe-based systems, Clear Street enables swift access to financing, securities lending and execution options. Its platform also empowers investors with intuitive reporting tools for comprehensive portfolio management and personalized trading experiences. 


Upside is a fintech company that operates a cash back app for retail rewards, which users can redeem for cashback on purchases in brick-and-mortar retail locations like grocery stores and gas stations. Partnered with Chime and other consumer fintech companies, Upside leverages the nuance of digital retail to improve product value, returning the savings to the customer while also creating traffic and brand loyalty for retail businesses. 


Pangea is a fintech company that enables users to pay anyone in the world. Its foreign exchange management platform allows individuals and companies to make global payments in any currency, in under a minute. Recipients can pick up cash payments at local locations, and in some countries, payments can also be routed to bank accounts or debit cards.  

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BillGO is a fintech company that offers a bill management and payments platform for individuals and institutions. The platform is integrated with a vast and comprehensive network of billers, who use it to receive real time, low-friction payments from customers. On the consumer end, users can view and manage all their bills across providers from a single dashboard. 


Proprietary trading firm IMC Trading uses automated systems to reduce transaction costs for buyers and sellers alike. The company, founded in 1989, invested in automation and algorithmic trading early on. Today the firm trades primarily on the basis of data and algorithms.


Simply Business is a digital insurance brokerage geared toward helping small businesses protect their assets. The company aims to simplify the process of finding and comparing insurance options through its online platform. SimplyBusiness can help small business owners find coverage options including general liability, professional indemnity and equipment insurance.


DRW is a global asset trading firm using specialized tech to trade across regional markets and minimize risk. To expand its portfolio, DRW has ventured into new trading realms such as cryptocurrency, alongside investments in new technologies like blockchain through its venture capital arm.


MyBambu is a mobile app that offers a number of financial services including international money transfers, peer-to-peer payments, prepaid credit cards and direct deposit options. Because the company does not require a social security number to open an account, it’s accessible to users regardless of their immigration status.  


Insurtech company Pie Insurance focuses on providing small business insurance throughout the U.S. Its coverage options include workers comp, commercial auto, general liability and more.  The tech-enabled company uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science models to support its operations.

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Enigma uses machine learning and AI to return business intelligence to B2B clients, advisory firms and credit decisioning platforms. By providing legally available, but hard to uncover identity, firmographic and financial well-being data on private businesses, Enigma offers its clients a clear view of the companies they are researching. 


Navan, an all-in-one travel tech platform, provides travel payment options that streamline corporate transactions through the use of virtual cards. These cards facilitate both one-time and recurring payments. Additionally, users have the option to connect their current Visa or Mastercard to the Navan platform while preserving their card benefits. 


Wingspan is an all-in-one payroll platform for independent contractors and their businesses. Based in New York and founded in 2019, Wingspan works to streamline onboarding, payments and compliance for flexible workforces. Its backed by VC powerhouses like a16z.  


FPFX Tech makes SaaS fintech for the trading industry, where it serves firms and brokers with automation systems that manage the intricacies of proprietary trading. “Prop trading” is the practice of trading with a firm’s own funds, rather than on behalf of clients, and FPFX makes products like the Prop Trading Tech Kit that manage these operations. 


Block offers financial services and mobile payments, as well as hardware and software for point-of-sale systems. Founded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey as a solution for payment processing and other financial services for small businesses, Block is the parent company of Cash App and what was formerly known as Square.


Cedar is a fintech company with a platform for facilitating services within the healthcare industry, from payment to engagement with patients. By offering payment processing, customized medical billing and relationship management from one platform, it is able to reduce redundancies and make sure financial and customer service issues never fall through the cracks.


Moov Financial offers a platform that allows businesses to embed payments functionality for a broad range of use cases into their products. The company has a toolbox of options developers can take advantage of to bring their users features like sending and receiving money, wallets for storing funds, virtual cards and real-time balance updates. Companies can also get their product to market faster by using Moov Drops, a selection of secure, prebuilt UI components for payments that can be quickly incorporated into a product.


Q2 is a fintech company that creates software, digital marketing, strategy and e-commerce solutions for the financial services industry. Its services cover areas like digital banking integration, account switching, sales and marketing, customer acquisition and onboarding and fintech ecosystems that clients can design and offer to their customers.  


CityBase’s technology provides real-time account information and streamlines payment processing. The company’s SaaS solution allows government and utility customers to pay bills and request services on a centralized platform. Its cloud-based software is available through a variety of user interfaces including mobile, kiosk and cashier.  


Discover is a well-established name in the financial services sector, with a history that dates back to the 1980s. Today, Discover’s goal is “to be the leading digital bank and payments services company.” The company serves consumers with a portfolio of financial products and solutions that includes credit cards, online banking and identity theft protection. It has also facilitated billions of dollars in lending in the form of personal, home and student loans.


Tango is a fintech company that provides a platform for rewards like gift cards and digital products. Companies use these rewards as in-house incentives for employees, as well as for gifts to customers and partners. The platform can integrate with many popular SaaS products so that rewards are automatically triggered by specific actions — for example, a new customer making their first purchase.


Square’s products support businesses of all sizes. For example, the company’s suite of tools for retailers can help with managing inventory and syncing in-store and online operations. Square also offers contactless hardware like its Square Terminal for taking payments and printing receipts.


Navigating finances can be tricky, so Cash App is making money management more accessible through its mobile platform. Customers can complete instant transactions, set up direct deposits, customize debit cards and purchase stocks and Bitcoin. By placing various financial capabilities at the fingertips of customers, Cash App empowers people to take control of their finances and mold financial tools around their needs.


Chime is a pioneering mobile bank that offers no-fee and automatic savings accounts as well as early payday via direct deposit. More than 1 million accounts have been opened with Chime.


Plaid provides organizations with tailored fintech solutions. Companies can use Plaid for identity verification, investments, compliance monitoring, real-time account balance verification and more. Plaid has worked with Venmo, Chime, Samsung and Acorns.


Circle deals in digital currency guided by the principle that money should be open and free, but secure. Its products — including a wide selection of coins that allow users to easily transfer money across countries and currencies — help customers invest in new currencies.


SoFi provides refinancing, loan and wealth management services. In assessing a user’s rates and determining the likelihood of loan repayment, the digital company’s algorithm takes into account factors beyond income and credit history. Things like education, career and estimated cash flow are also part of the mix. In addition, SoFi offers benefits most institutions charge extra or require large balances for, including career services, unemployment protection and financial advising.


Carta is a management platform for private and public companies as well as investment firms. Its products help businesses manage and track company and employee equity, manage portfolios and back office processes and keep current with SEC and IRS regulations.


With Klarna’s app, online shoppers can choose when they pay for their purchases. Options available to them include paying in four installments without interest or fees or a financing plan ranging from six to 24 months. The company’s Klarna Card can also be used to earn points that can be redeemed for rewards.


iCapital is a fintech platform that connects investors with hedge funds, private equity firms and alternative asset managers (alternative assets being investments that aren’t stocks, bonds or cash). Functioning as a sort of buffet menu of curated private equity strategies, the iCapital platform offers investors choices like venture capital and growth equity, allowing them to build a bespoke portfolio that is more targeted than a traditional hedge fund.


Fintech company Upgrade, Inc is an online personal loan and financial services provider — but it is proudly not a bank. It handles affordable short-term fixed rate loans of $1,000 – $50,000 for everything from auto refinancing to home repairs. The company also offers credit cards, checking and savings accounts and credit monitoring. 


Addepar is a wealth management platform used by families, private banks, wealth advisors and broker-dealers. The platform consolidates and manages all information across the investment world, providing a broader view and allowing investors to make more informed decisions.


Valon helps homeowners tackle the process of mortgage servicing. The company can assist with finding suitable loan options, refinancing a loan and leveraging home equity. Through the platform, homeowners can make instant payments and even access escrow updates. Valon also provides an option to transfer mortgages from previous lenders to its platform.


For more than half a century, Macquarie Group has offered global financial services. The group works in 34 markets, primarily in asset management, business banking and retail industries, where it advises, finances and markets trade solutions. Macquarie Group focuses on multi-asset solutions, energy transitions and credit markets.


Although Northwestern Mutual has thrived for over 160 years, the organization continues to embrace new and innovative ways to serve its clients who can track their finances, view insurance products and create long-term plans with online and mobile tools. Northwestern Mutual has also reduced the underwriting process period to as little as a day with its digital technologies, making it easier for clients to jumpstart their financial journeys.


Boasting over a century of experience, Northern Trust has grown into a financial leader trusted by customers around the globe. From investing to wealth management, families, corporations and other entities can access a variety of financial services through Northern Trust. The institution blends extensive market data with cutting-edge technology, ensuring clients make decisions that place them on solid financial ground for years to come.  


Western Union is a financial services company that lets customers send and receive money, track money transfers and pay bills. These services can be accessed online or customers can visit one of Western Union’s physical locations. Its products and services are available in more than 200 countries. 


Morningstar provides an array of products and services that connect everyday investors to professional-grade financial research and information so they can make better investment decisions.


Businesses can use Adyen’s platform to accept payments online and in-person, detect and respond to potential fraud, get insights about customer behavior, issue both physical and virtual payments and more. Spotify, Uber, ebay and Microsoft have been among the brands that have worked with Adyen.


Inspira Financial is a financial service firm that develops health, wealth, benefits and retirement investment solutions. The company works with employers, plan sponsors and record keepers to help individuals plan, save and invest. Its services include automatic rollover accounts, health savings accounts and self-directed IRA. 


With offices on three continents, Reorg provides financial and legal professionals across the globe with a mixture of reporting and data analysis to inform their decision making. The company’s subscribers get access to analysis on companies, breaking news, updates on court and regulatory proceedings, proprietary data and other important intelligence.


Episode Six provides the infrastructure through its TRITUM platform to help companies build payment solutions, such as digital wallets and payment installment programs. The company has worked with brands like Microsoft, IBM and Mastercard.


Fortress IO enables virtual wallets, payments, compliance and other important financial and technological infrastructure components for Web3 ventures. The company serves lots of different industries, such as travel, gaming, fashion, sports and entertainment.


HPR works in capital markets infrastructure, building tech for real-time electronic asset trading across markets. Its Unimus platform is a technology framework that coheres multiple products, including the DataBot data delivery system and the RiskBot ultra-low latency risk management software. The company has also introduced its Hypercube hardware exchange matching engine to bring greater speed, efficiency and reliability to its tech stack.


Leyton is a financial consulting firm that works with businesses to help them access niche and complex tax credits. Its team of tax specialists and tech specialists work together to maximize returns on credits such as R&D tax credits, employee retention credits and payroll tax credits.


Financial services company tastytrade works with self-directed investors, meaning individuals who aren’t working with brokers or portfolio managers. It operates a trading platform for options, futures, options on futures, stocks, exchange-traded funds, commodities and indices that anyone can access for extremely low commission fees. Users can trade on the platform and can also learn from an extensive library of investment strategy tutorials designed for the self-directed investor.


Say the company name out loud, and you’ll understand the concept of MarketAxess, a fintech company that runs an electronic trading platform for fixed income assets. Fixed income assets include bonds and other assets and securities that pay out a set amount of interest or dividends to investors, and they are traditionally traded via telephone. On the MarketAxess platform, clients can trade assets electronically, as well as access resources on existing and emerging markets across regions.


9fin makes a data and analytics platform for finance professionals. It comes equipped with features like making documents text searchable and AI to aggregate and deliver news alerts. Its solutions have applications for investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds and law firms.


T-REX produces data management and cash flow analytics tools allowing for complex investments to be tracked easier. The company’s platform has features like risk management, cash flow modeling, portfolio management and reporting. Additionally, customers can create their own assets framework, utilize the asset class templates provided or connect with Managed Data Services to increase financial awareness.


Opto Investments’ platform helps RIAs gain access to the private investment market, establish personalized investment portfolios and simplify the transaction process. Whether it’s private equity or real estate, Opto Investments also manages possible risks for each investment.


Pinwheel is an API provider that helps financial institutions, banking and lending apps provide better customer experiences. Clients rely on Pinwheel’s real-time income and employment data to help users switch deposits, manage taxes, project earnings and verify data. Through the platform, institutions can reduce risks, activate users and become primary banks.


Pontera helps financial advisors manage their clients’ retirement accounts. From holistic planning to consolidated reporting, the company’s order management system can work across various account types, including 401ks and 529s. The platform can safeguard client information, strengthen client relationships and integrate with other portfolio management and billing software. The company also strives to solve compliance challenges like rollover complications.


Rho is a digital banking platform for businesses looking to have frictionless financial processes. Whether it’s issuing corporate cards, processing global payments or commercial banking, the company can offer services that simplify tasks for financial teams. The company also runs an automated cash and spend management platform to complete tasks like closing books with no platform fee. Rho has reward benefits too, such as cash back and discounts on other platforms.


Based in Chicago, Tegus is an SaaS platform that provides market intelligence for investors. It provides instantly available expert call transcripts between top executives and investors, and helps businesses streamline their research by sorting through documents. Perspectives from customers, investors, former employees, partners and more are all housed on the platform.


Through its analytics and data platform, Visible Alpha is aiding Wall Street with investment research. Visible Alpha has solutions for buy-side, sell-side and corporate-level investments that are produced by sell-side analyst models. The company uses the models to form financial and operating metrics, consensus estimates and capture exclusive historical data. Additionally, the company provides brokers and onboarding services to help firms receive transparent data.


Brigit is a financial health app that helps its members track their finances. Some of the app’s features include bill tracking, budget assistance and finding side jobs. For a monthly subscription, members can also access credit building, cash advances, repayment plans, auto advances and identity theft protection.


OTR Solutions makes a cloud-native platform that discovers freight factoring solutions. The company offers services, tools and client support to assist trucking businesses in maximizing success. A capital fuel card and an accounts receivable team are both examples of what the company offers. Whether it’s financial, fuel or business management, OTR Solutions strives to grant flexibility and accelerate growth for companies.


Founded in 2012, Apex Fintech Solutions offers a “fintech for fintech” platform to assist in the digital execution, clearing and storage of investment assets. The platform can manage cost basis and tax solutions, cryptocurrency and more.


TransUnion began as a credit reporting agency and now offers multiple financial services and solutions for businesses, governments and individuals. Using data collected from millions of consumers around the world, the company provides deep information that helps consumers, companies and organizations make better financial decisions.


Halo Investing established an all-in-one platform for protective investing. The company seeks to facilitate transparent, fair access to investing solutions and structured notes for financial advisors and investors. Clients can build portfolios that can be personalized, target a specific level of return and compare risk gaps. Financial advisors and investors also gain access to buffered EFTs, market-linked CDs and annuities.


Geode Capital Management assists businesses with navigating the investment landscape. These investment options include equity indexes, options and commodities. The company provides investment management solutions by employing team-based, systematic and risk-managed strategies.

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Since 2004, NinjaTrader has serviced active traders across the globe. The platform operates with trading software and brokerage services to display influential data to traders across leading financial markets. Some features of the platform include trade simulations, market visualization and analysis, select data providers and supported brokers, customizable development and personalized third party add-ons.


Capitalize helps people manage retirement funds during the rollover process. The rollover process often involves locating old 401(k)s and discovering new IRA accounts. Capitalize completes each step for free. Through partnerships and technology, the company is able to consolidate funds into one account as customers move jobs.


CAIS works with financial advisors to improve education and access to alternative investment funds and products. Through its learning system CAIS IQ, the company helps advisors learn more about funds and products to improve client outcomes. The company also provides a collection of hedge funds, digital assets, private equity and more for advisors to utilize with clients.


Check allows businesses to embed payroll directly into any time tracking, HR or SaaS program. The payroll-as-a-service API simplifies the payroll process by using an integrated system to calculate taxes, transform funds and generate tax forms. Businesses can also use Check to offer employee benefits through SimplyInsured.


Rather than rely on manual processes for accounting needs, BlackLine has developed an all-around finance and accounting platform. Clients can compile financial data and automate repetitive tasks without switching between different hardware and software systems. BlackLine makes it easier to review accounts, craft financial reports and complete other accounting tasks.


Belvedere Trading is providing timely insights to traders with its advanced proprietary technology. The trading firm has cultivated cutting-edge software systems that are continuously improved through scrum and agile methods. As a result, Belvedere Trading has the ability to quickly assess markets and manage financial risks when completing transactions.


The financial playing field favors large corporations, so Enova is seeking to turn the tables. Leveraging a machine learning-based platform, Enova equips non-prime consumers and small businesses with customized loans, lines of credit and other financial services. Brands like CashNetUSA and NetCredit have fallen under the Enova umbrella.


To keep up with the latest shift in the SaaS landscape, companies are turning to the cutting-edge thinking of Turnstile. Turnstile descends from Second Measure, which secured $25 million from investors like Goldman Sachs and Y Combinator. Turnstile is helping businesses enjoy financial success by embracing usage-based pricing and modernizing their operations in the process.


Pennymac equips customers with the knowledge and support to navigate the next chapter of their housing journey. Before confirming a decision, customers can access mortgage calculators, home value estimators, mortgage interest rate summaries and other online resources. Whether they’re leveraging Pennymac’s website or mobile app, customers can also access dedicated representatives to address any additional housing questions.


Student debt often hinders those looking to enter the next chapter of their lives, so Earnest is easing the burden of paying for higher education. The company helps students find the lowest possible interest rates to chip away at years of potential debt. Customers can also set their loan terms, remove cosigners and consolidate loans. By prioritizing affordability and flexibility, Earnest is redefining the relationship between students and student loans.

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Organizing a project is no easy feat, but Unanet is simplifying the process with its project management platform. The platform enables professionals to track finances, automate repetitive tasks, analyze data and make informed business decisions. The company provides government contractors, architects, engineers and construction workers with numerous ways to streamline their workflows and allocate resources where they’re needed most.


People make purchases on a daily basis, but seldom do they understand how each transaction affects their financial health. Array is developing a more transparent and secure way to shop with its digital platform. Companies can provide shoppers with credit score visibility, identity protection and more personalized offers through the thoughtful tools of Array.


Accessing employee information can be a tedious process, but Argyle is removing the red tape and providing a more streamlined approach. The company has developed a set of tools that allows employees to instantly connect their information to a single application. Employees can verify their income, change their direct deposit option and pay off loans with a few quick taps.


No one enjoys making loan payments, but Above Lending is providing a smooth, consolidated process with its cutting-edge technology. The company has developed a platform where customers fill out a quick application, receive loan options that match their needs and complete payments online. It’s a convenient way to take care of debt while removing some of the headaches of the payoff process.


Flywire helps facilitate seamless transactions in industries like education, travel, technology and healthcare, eliminating operational challenges. The company’s global payment network allows users to pay in local currencies with a locked-in exchange rate, which Flywire then exchanges and deposits in the business’ account. With invoicing and integration capabilities also available, Flywire is a partner to more than 3,300 businesses.


MANTL works with banks and credit unions to optimize back office tasks and grow deposits by integrating an omnichannel account platform within their core. The company provides financial institutions with vital tools that help customize user experience and branding, provide data visualization tools and automate KYC decisions to increase conversions and automate deposit operations.


Hudson River Trading is a quantitative trading firm that utilizes a scientific approach to maximize the power of its products. A team of mathematicians, computer scientists, statisticians, physicists and engineers work in concert to develop new automated trading algorithms that allows Hudson River Trading to move millions of stocks across global financial markets each day, leading to constant innovation in the ways in which trades take place.


Riskified provides an AI-powered platform that protects e-commerce sites by allowing them to easily separate legitimate shoppers from fraudulent requests. The platform makes it easier for legitimate shoppers to convert into customers with tools like dynamic checkouts, alternative payment processing and chargeback guarantees included with Riskified’s ATO prevention and pre-authorization solutions, fixing leaks in the e-commerce purchase funnel and building stronger customer relationships at the same time.


TrueAccord from TrueML uses machine learning to help thousands of companies collect debts in a way that suits both companies and customers. Instead of cold calling or sending debt collectors, TrueAccord uses modern forms of communication (like texts and push notifications) to boost customer engagement and payback rates. TrueAccord provides customers with outstanding debts with a platform that allows them to personalize the time, channel and payment arrangements that are comfortable for them.


Optiver is a trading firm focused on “market making.” Not only does the company facilitate the buying and selling of stocks, bonds, futures, options, etc., but it also builds markets and provides extra liquidity to exchanges all over the world.

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Forward Financing provides working capital to small businesses in the United States using its proprietary technology to allow businesses access to financing as soon as the same day they apply. The company has provided over $500 million to more than 10,000 growing businesses.


OppFi’s platform helps banks work with their customers to access credit. Its products include OppLoans to make it easy to apply for personal loans online. The application process takes minutes and the lower interest rate loans are issued in a matter of days. Applicants can apply for loans to cover everything from home and car repairs to family bills, medical emergencies and major purchases.


Avant provides personal loan, credit card and mobile bank services for middle-income consumers. The personal loans are largely a resource for customers to access funds for things like consolidating debt or paying unexpected bills. Avant requires a simple application and approves loans in as little as one day.


Wealthfront is an automated investment solution designed for Millennials. Whether users want to buy a home, take a year off to travel or plan for retirement, Wealthfront helps them plan for the future. The automated investment tool uses passive investing strategies to build a diversified portfolio and maximize returns.


Enfusion’s completely integrated investment management platform assists hedge funds, institutional asset managers and family offices with compliance, trading, risk management, operations and accounting. Its goal in giving clients a complete view of their businesses is to enhance operational efficiency.

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Wise moves money through its platform to users all over the world at mid-market rates and with no unnecessary fees. In addition to individual users, Wise can be used by companies to invoice vendors regardless of currency.


Billtrust provides payment cycle management solutions to business services, manufacturing, transportation, distribution and equipment companies. Billtrust aims to accelerate the invoice-to-cash process, automate cash flow, give a company’s customers more flexibility and enhance organizational and operational efficiency.


Bringing an advanced data-centric approach to investing, The D.E. Shaw Group keeps its clients ahead of the curve. The firm has spent over 30 years fine-tuning its computational and quantitative strategies. As a result, The D.E. Shaw Group has developed creative ways to leverage tools like Dask and IPython, helping clients avoid risks and make profitable investments.


Blend’s digital lending platform simplifies the loan process and gives consumers a more transparent look into their finances. The platform combines low-touch pre-approval processes with quick data verification tools to create a software that automates and expedites the lending process for everything from mortgages to car loans. Blend has provided major financial institutions like Wells Fargo, US Bank and BMO Harris with the tools they need to process billions of dollars of loans each day.


Fundrise is a platform that helps expand stocks-and-bonds-based portfolios to include real estate investments. Although it features dozens of multi-million dollar real estate projects, starter portfolios require as little as $10.


Debt hampers countless consumers, so Achieve is giving people a second chance to build a path to financial security. The company’s services include personalized loan options to help their clients consolidate debt or pay for major purchases. Achieve says its services have helped to resolve more than $15 billion in debt.

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Democratic candidates, nonprofits and progressive organizations are using ActBlue’s fundraising platform to connect with small-dollar donors. ActBlue’s platform supplies customizable contribution forms for organizations. From there, the ActBlue Express Lane features allow donors to contribute after clicking one simple link. The link is often embedded in fundraiser emails. Additionally, two organizations can create a joint contribution form, which permits donors to give to these organizations with one click too.


Varo is a digital consumer bank using its app and other fintech tools to help users get a more complete look into their finances. The digital-first company offers both checking and savings accounts, which can be accessed through their fully transparent app. The app gives users insights into spending habits and allows for instant money transfers. There isn’t a minimum balance required to receive a Varo debit card, and there are zero fees for overdrafts, foreign transactions or transfers.


Whether it is cash or cryptocurrency, Flourish helps Registered Investment Advisors and their clients tackle their financial goals. The company develops solutions for financial products regarding wealth management, insurance, banking and more.


OpenFin provides an operating system for financial organizations to improve productivity for app development. The company’s workspace product helps centralize tasks, notifications, content tools and collaboration within teams. The product also supports integrations to streamline data and communication. OpenFin Container simplifies the web development process with built-in web standards, security measures and multi-tenant app capabilities.


Teampay is an all-in-one spend management platform that allows finance teams to stay on top of their companies’ finances. Founded in 2016, the company mainly assists with automating workflows and tasks associated with approving purchases, issuing company cards, invoicing and receipt tracking.


Ethic serves as an asset manager to develop personalized investment options for customers and their values. The company aligns customers with options that share distinctive values, like racial justice and LGBTQ+ rights, and creates social impact through a wealth advisor. The process is called sustainable investing.


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Stripe’s internet commerce platform provides tools for marketplaces, subscription services, e-commerce businesses and crowdfunding platforms. Millions of online businesses — including Pinterest, Warby Parker, Kickstarter, Instacart and Squarespace — have used the platform to manage payments and structure online billing processes.


Coinbase is an online platform for buying, selling and managing digital currency that provides users with secure mobile access to their digital assets. Coinbase is available in upwards of 100 countries and has exchanged more than $150 billion in various forms of digital currency, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.


Robinhood is an investment application that allows users to invest for free from a desktop or mobile device. Because there are no physical locations or individual account management services, Robinhood aims to make investing accessible to would-be traders who can’t quite swing the fees of a traditional brokerage house.


Venmo makes it simple to exchange money between friends or accept payments as a business. Going out to dinner with a friend and don’t want to split the bill with credit cards or cash? Maybe you want to pay your dog walker with something other than a check? Venmo’s app makes it easy to transfer money from your bank account into another user’s, so you can keep track of payments in real-time.


NerdWallet provides a host of financial tools and services, including credit card and bank comparison, investing how-tos, loan information and mortgage advice. The company’s services help consumers navigate the congested and often confusing worlds of finance, investment, insurance and banking.


PitchBook is a financial software and data company that provides information about public and private equity markets. The platform enables companies, investors, advisors and professionals to capitalize on new business opportunities via due diligence research on private market intel, fundraising information and source investments.


Remitly operates an intuitive platform that simplifies the process of sending money to loved ones overseas and across borders, offering several ways to send and receive funding across a variety of currencies. Featuring bank deposit, cash pickup, home delivery and mobile money services with immediate payments available, Remitly offers low fees, quality exchange rates and even Passbook, a modern banking experience designed specifically for immigrants.


Affirm is a lending platform that allows users to pay for online purchases in small installments. The company offers interest rates as low as 0 percent and allows users to choose plans ranging from three to 36 months so they can pay over time for trips, electronics, furniture and more.


LendingClub describes itself as “America’s largest lending marketplace.” Members can apply online for custom loan options and the money can be sent either directly to the member’s bank account or to their creditors. The company also provides banking and investing services.


Guaranteed Rate is a mortgage provider and lending service that offers digital solutions to home buyers and those looking to refinance existing mortgages. The company’s digital home mortgage enables customers to receive loan approval as well as upload and sign required documents — all online.

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Spring Labs facilitates secure information transfer between businesses, making use of powerfully transparent blockchain and real-time data ledger technology. The platform allows businesses to reduce fraud by validating identities with a variety of products and income stability indicators, protecting consumer data and streamlining the credit transaction approval process.


Asset Class is a platform that partners with private equity and venture capital firms to manage life cycles. It can assist with portfolio management, deal management, subscription management, capital raising and investor relationships. There is also a full suite of tools that can be used by general partners, fund administrators and more.


Braintree, a division of PayPal, provides payment services to businesses of all sizes. Accepting payment types ranging from credit cards to Venmo, its products help companies that operate online and as marketplaces to bolster security, prevent fraud and safeguard user information.

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Method Financial helps developers embed debt repayment options into their apps. The company designed an API for consumers to efficiently access their debt portfolio without logging in. Consumers simply utilize their phone number to view debt portfolios. Additionally, consumers can make payments to various financial institutions and transfer balances. GradJoy, Zolve and Chipper are a few companies that have partnered with Method Financial.


CrowdStreet is an online marketplace where customers can compare and invest in a range of commercial real estate projects. Passive investments in private real estate allow customers to avoid maintenance responsibilities and stock market volatility. If customers have their sights set on larger real estate projects, they can also invest with a group to avoid shouldering all the costs and risks of the project.


What is a fintech company?

A fintech company is a company that uses technology to enhance and automate financial services for business and consumer use.

What is the biggest fintech company?

Stripe is one of the biggest fintech companies in operation, processing over $817 billion in transactions in 2022.

What is an example of a fintech company?

Cash App, Chime, SoFi and Venmo are all examples of fintech companies.

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