• Dive into the trending co-op horror genre with Panicore, an affordable thrill on Steam.
  • Explore a unique PvE multiplayer horror experience with Panicore’s permadeath and audio twist.
  • For just $4.49, try out Panicore from indie developer ZTEK Studio.

A co-op survival horror game named Panicore was just released on Steam, and it’s available at an incredibly low price. Fans of fright-heavy multiplayer experiences might want to give this game a shot on PC. After all, with how cheap Panicore is, Steam players don’t have a lot to lose by trying this title out.

In recent years, the cooperative horror genre has been trending in the PC gaming sphere, with titles like Lethal Company, Phasmophobia, and Content Warning dominating both Twitch and Steam bestseller charts. These co-op horror titles focus more on banding together with friends against paranormal forces rather than trying to survive or fight to the death against other players. Interestingly enough, the majority of these games are from newly-emerging independent developers. The recently-released horror title Panicore is just the same in this regard, but this game stands out by adding a new spin on the formula established by its predecessors.



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Panicore, the latest release from indie developer ZTEK Studio, is a new, co-op survival horror game with ‘Mostly Positive’ reviews that’s currently on sale for only $4.49 on Steam. This sale ends on June 7, 2024; however, since the title is only 10% off, PC gamers can still purchase the game for a mere $4.99 afterward, which is an incredibly cheap price nonetheless. Those who want to try Panicore out for themselves without opening their wallets can even download a demo of the game for free. With how low the barrier to entry for this title is, it seems like the perfect horror co-op game to test out with friends, especially for gamers who play the demo and end up liking it.

Panicore Adds a Neat Twist to the Co-Op Survival Horror Game Formula

As for those wondering what exactly this game is about, Panicore is a PvE multiplayer horror title that combines permadeath and proximity-based audio to create a unique “co-op experience” that supports up to 5 players. The game centers around a group of explorers that have to find their way out of an abandoned building together after getting trapped inside by unknown forces. What makes Panicore a bit different from co-op horror games like Content Warning, though, is that all players have to stay as silent as possible when playing it, as an AI-controlled monster chasing the explorers down can hear everyone’s voices through their microphones.

Panicore recently launched on May 31, 2024, and although it isn’t passing incredible player milestones like Lethal Company did when that released, it’s received a fairly positive reception so far from fans who have actually given the game a shot. ZTEK Studio’s latest title is already dirt-cheap, so fans of co-op horror experiences should probably try Panicore out for themselves on Steam if they’re interested.



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